Is your online business failure guaranteed?

Posted On May 15, 2015

April 2015 Google made a significant change to its search ranking results by altering their algorithm in favour of websites that are mobile friendly.

Why did Google do this?

Here are the main reasons:

  • Volume of users
  • Amount of ecommerce business
  • Usability
  • Preference

Given the above, it is not only logical but critical to respond to the algorithm changes.  Online business owners must upgrade their web presence if they are to keep their current volume of search traffic. Businesses who ignore this will suffer a loss of business or be forced to spend additional marketing costs to drive traffic another way.

New start-up businesses should ensure their service provider will deliver a mobile and tablet compliant website or they will face added costs in the short term if they are to overcome the resulting traffic volume deficiencies.

It is not enough to check your website on a mobile or other hand held device so don’t be fooled into thinking your site is fine just because it can still be seen on a mobile or tablet device.

Would your site come out as ‘Not mobile-friendly’ like the one shown here?

Test your site and be sure

Test your site and be sure

Check using this tool to make sure your site complies fully with Google’s requirements

Are you mobile friendly?

Mobile compliancy is the ‘right here, right now’ change to be aware of… but are there other reasons which could be limiting the results your business is achieving?

Q Can search engines read and categorise your webpages?

  • Countless examples exist where the website url’s do not produce text but instead produce a mix of numbers and symbols. These numbers and symbols may have an internal business reference for a product or service but do not represent an organic search term.


This can be resolved by a programmer deploying a url rewriter or by moving to a new platform that delivers SEO friendly url’s and webpages.


  • Perhaps your website DOES produce a friendly url but you have not added information to improve your chances of being indexed for a certain subject or a certain search term. If this is you then there is little chance to increase the organic search traffic volume without making SEO changes to each webpage of your site.


  • If you have no clue as to how, where and what changes to make you should consider outsourcing this task to a reputable SEO service provider. However choose wisely! Most have had telephone calls which promise a top Google position in a few weeks, for £xxxx.xx. Some possibly can achieve this but it may be by using back-linking which in the long term could adversely affect your search rankings.

Having a built in search engine optimisation tool can eliminate the need to outsource. This will be of advantage you in two ways. It will save on budget plus develop an internal resource which will always be a benefit to your online business.

Prime Digital Marketing Solutions has been put together in order to eliminate the above issues.  By using our business online support system your business will grow and develop in web presence, financial value and profitability.

Written by Michael Boyle

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