Short of business? Refocus and set new targets today!

Posted On April 17, 2015


Most online businesses are unaware of the potential traffic available to them by targeting additional business related keywords.

Frequently the business owner(s) have not carried out online business competitor analysis and are unaware of the differing methods being used by competitors to attract and engage with a wider number of potential customers.

These shortcomings often cause decisions to be taken which spend budget on marketing activities and collateral which fail to deliver the return on investment and anticipated increased business, putting more pressure on the business. It is therefore not surprising that 90% of start-up businesses fail in the first year of business.

Fundamental information taken from analytics data provides details of traffic sources, search terms and pages accessed. With this knowledge the business owner can determine how much business is being developed and if online advertising is being used, at what cost.

Setting targets and goals to increase the number of unique visitors and repeat visitor numbers while reducing the visitor bounce rate and increasing the time spent of your website means that your target visitor becomes more engaged with your website.

Engaging content, relative to the search subject matter leads to improved results, therefore developing such content should be a goal of the business.

Most small businesses owners are the business, doing everything on a day to day basis. Therefore time may become the obstacle to providing an ongoing stream of useful content for the website visitor.

When compared with other methods of attraction, this cost of visitor / customer acquisition is often the lowest of all online and offline marketing activities.

The additional benefits of producing such content is that other websites may value your content and add a link to it from there website. This usually happens when there is a synergy between the website visitors demographic with the content your business provides.

Has your business set a target demographic? If so your content should be a fit with that market in terms of how it looks and the type of language used.

Plainly you would have different content and imagery for a target demographic aged 18 to 24 as compared to an older demographic of over 45’s. Secondly are your target website visitors male or female as this should influence the colours used in the design of your website.

Written by Michael Boyle

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