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Don’t be alone running an online business…

Whenever you hit a problem preventing your online business growth, don’t go it alone, ask a consultant.
Discussing your problems, one to one, with someone who has ‘been there’, ‘seen that problem’ and has gained a wealth of experience during a 15 year career in online marketing and ecommerce business will help:
• make you feel better and in more control
•  leave you with a clearer view of your problem
• provide a way forward to overcome the issue while taking into consideration operating budget constraints

The money is always there… to finance any changes required. It comes from increasing traffic, improving conversions and solving customer feedback issues.

In my experience financing change is a short term cost with long term benefits and profitability.
The combination of improved conversion numbers, reduced abandonment rates and increased customer retention means the return on investment covers and justifies the costs involved in the system or procedural changes and can often be achieved by staged deployment allowing self financing .

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