Prime VIP – Visitor Insight Performance

Do you know which area of your website your visitors ‘look at’ the most? Or which elements on your Web Pages are most frequently viewed by prospective customers?

Imagine you had this information.

Prime VIP - Visitor Insight Performance

Would you re-focus your marketing content in order to maximise the interest visitors are showing in that topic area?
Would you use it to improve CTR and ROI?


This advanced insight technology is common practice among ‘the big players’ in your marketplace, and has been for some time. It provides the information that helps them laser target their content to maximise the performance of each webpage and the profitability of the online channel.

Great news!!

This valuable marketing tool is available RIGHT HERE… RIGHT NOW for ALL internet businesses, regardless of size, supplying information which is key to decision making.
Prime Digital Marketing’s Visitor Insight Performance offers you a product that tracks and reports on ‘the eyes’ that view your website…at a price that won’t make YOUR eyes water!
From your current level of traffic, Visitor Insight Performance and the information it provides, can improve your online business results and ‘call to action’ outcomes.

Visitor Insight Performance System:
• Any site or platform can be tracked by adding code ( just like Google Analytics)
• Track as many pages as you like
• Log individual visitor sessions
• View video to see visitor actions on your site / pages
• Page views and web paths revealed
• Identify abandoned pages e.g. in checkout process
• Platform or device performance issues to be revealed
• Locate visitor source geographically

Using Prime Visitor Insight Performance could prove to be the best way to increase your profitability. The system provides information vital in deciding the highest converting position of any ‘call to actions’ thereby delivering improved results from each website visitor.
ALL this for only £49.00 per month:

So before you increase your traffic driving budget use our system to determine where and how you get your customers and make changes to increase conversions.
Click here to check out the example video’s from this site.
N.B. You have now read almost to the bottom of this webpage. How many of YOUR site visitors get to the bottom of YOUR pages or get close to your call to action?

Prime visitor insight performance result

We can see where we need to improve!

Prime Visitor Insight Performance system will provide this information and much more, for example, what percentage of visitors are interested enough in your content to view right to the bottom of the page and how much financial difference would it make if you could significantly improve these numbers.

Sign up for an account today… subscriptions are £49.00 per month and you can cancel at any time.