Prime Ecommerce

Hosted Ecommerce System


Prime Ecommerce is a paid for monthly, hosted ecommerce service designed to make it easy for new or existing businesses to start selling their products or services online.

Is This For Me?

This system includes all of the features of Prime Web with the addition of an easy to use and manage shopping cart facility.

If you are thinking about or planning to start selling products or services online our combined services can help you to make sure you start right, to ensure online search result gains and growth to your customer base numerically and geographically.

Existing businesses can also take advantage of this service to grow and develop a profitable ecommerce dimension to their business by lower marketing costs while attracting customers from a larger geographical area. Ecommerce systems use a wide variety of functionalities to provide search engine friendly pages with data gathering and performance reporting information and so such systems also have a wide price range

Why Prime Ecommerce?

Experience, experience, experience!!

First ecommerce website launched in 2005 after five years spent acquiring vital internet marketing skills and since then the experience of setting up and using a variety of ecommerce platforms and systems within a range of small to medium sized businesses. This deep knowledge and understanding of the online marketplace, plus keeping abreast of emerging ecommerce developments, has been fundamental in the formation of the structures and selections offered in the Prime Ecommerce system.

Prime Ecommerce is based on a desire to deliver an ecommerce system that

  • Is easy to use
  • Is solid and reliable
  • has scalability to integrate with third party software as online business grows
  • gives good search engine ranking positions for not just brand search terms plus but business and product or service related terms

To be successful your ecommerce venture requires mobile compatibility as standard. You can be assured that our system is fully mobile compliant by viewing this site on a mobile or tablet device

Due to budgets constraints, many online retailing businesses fail to make the right choice of ecommerce system. As a consequence results disappoint and do not deliver the level of sales the owners were encouraged to expect when committing to the ecommerce project. Ecommerce system selection mistakes can cause such disasters as producing url’s that would never be found by search engines so slashing potential website visitor numbers from the beginning.

As a result business owners are forced to find additional marketing budget spend as the only way to drive traffic and acquire customers. This is a totally avoidable situation if the correct ecommerce system is chosen in the first place.

Can I get Support?

Many people will be able to run with this system and platform without support but Prime Digital Marketing has been setup to provide marketing and development support in order to ensure your business online grows to meet your expectations. This support is in the form of guides, reports and one to one consultations on an adhoc basis (at an additional cost).

What do I need to know about an ecommerce website?

To sell your products or services online you will need text, image content, and pricing, plus delivery information for each product. You should set up this product data so that you are in a position to start adding this data to your shopping cart.

Remember a commitment and desire to develop your website and its performance over time is essential.

If this information fits well with you, complete your purchase of Prime Ecommerce and you will receive our Ecommerce Website Essential Information Form to complete and return. Then we can get started setting up your ecommerce platform leaving you to add the product/services and marketing content.

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Unhappy with your current ecommerce website and want to use our service then request website transfer quotation and we will provide you with a price to join our service. Once a member, monthly charges will apply.


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