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Prime Web is a web based service which is designed to make it easy for new businesses to get started online and for existing offline businesses to expand and promote their business profile by adding a website and attracting more customers.

Is it Easy?
Setting up an online business is a complex activity and is not ‘just registering a domain name and getting a website’.
Firstly hosting for your site is a prerequisite plus a relevant business email adds weight and credibility to your web profile.  It is important to use something that looks connected to your domain name i.e.

How do I choose?
The options around the creation of the website are to either self-build using the software provided by the company that you choose to register your domain with or find and engage a design team to come up with the vision you have for your website.
The deciding factors involved when choosing how to set up a new business website are based on budget; knowledge and understanding; technical skill and capability.

Why I need to get it right?
It must be remembered that as a rule development agencies neither give nor imply any performance guarantees in terms of the desired outcome. That is to say that although a higher expenditure might mean you have no concerns during the website development the eventual outcome may not actually deliver the traffic volumes or call to action numbers your business needs to grow and thrive.

This is because driving website visitor numbers up to a necessary level is ongoing and achieved in numerous ways.
Critical to online success is in the formation of the website for if the basic structure of the website produces pages which are unfriendly to search engines then a fatal, fundamental and costly flaw will permanently prevent natural organic search traffic growth.

I’m S.M.A.R.T
Prime Web removes these issues by:
• setting up your hosting
• attaching your domain
• creating your email addresses
• installing a web content management system that allows you or a member of your team to easily add  marketing content using a WYSIWYG format
• designing the website to be search engine friendly
• providing an SEO controller to guide and assist in the ongoing improvements you can make to grow visitor traffic organically
• setting up  contact form to your designated email address so that site visitors can get in touch and we will
• monitoring the availability of your website and notify you should, for any reason, the website is not available
• installing Google Analytics to provide an understanding how visitors use your site which pages they most use, is vital information needed to guide site development and user outcomes, whatever they may be
• providing a tracking service to track landing and outcome page reports
• giving email support service
• having UK based hosting servers  which are backed up every day
• providing additional products in the form of guides, reports and one-to-one consultations should you get stuck or need help with your business

What should I know first?
What you need to get you started… a business idea, content in the form of text and imagery plus the commitment to develop your website and its performance over time.
If this fits well with you, click the button below, sign up and we will send you our Website Essential Information Form for you to complete so we can get started setting things up for your online business.

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